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Why Live Chat is Important for Senior Living

By June 1, 2022April 9th, 2024No Comments

Since its inception 20 years ago, live chat has become an important tool in the world of e-commerce. People that are looking for quick answers prefer the speed and ease of chatting live with agents over sending emails or spending time waiting in a phone queue. 

While this software has become a well-known staple in various online industries, the senior living sphere still remains relatively untapped. Business owners looking to increase their productivity and client engagement might be interested in knowing more about live chat and the benefits that come with it.

More Client Conversions

Reports indicate that companies that use live chat can see up to a 40 percent increase in their conversion rate. Data shows that the immediacy of live chat and the presence of a live agent guiding clients along the way have a huge impact on the experience of customers and their willingness to move forward with a sale. To put it simply, people don’t have the patience that they used to. Most people will leave a website if they can’t find the answers they’re looking for quickly enough.

You Can Initiate the Conversation

While clients often ask their questions in the live chat upon entering the website, site moderators can also start the conversation themselves. This is a powerful tool, as you can connect with prospective clients just as they’re starting to get familiar with your product. In the same way that people like to see staff walking around a physical store, having someone available to proactively engage with visitors and answer their questions on your website can be definitive for your profitability.

Ease and Convenience

Another factor that makes live chat so attractive to customers is the fact that it allows them to multitask, looking at different pages on your website while communicating with an agent at the same time. This is an ideal situation for prospective clients. Giving them the ability to move around your website freely without losing the conversation can be a huge relief.

Lend Them Your Ears

Anyone working in the senior living industry is aware of how vital communication is. People want to be heard and feel that their wants and needs are being taken seriously. Connecting with clients on live chat right away gives you the chance to instill a feeling of trust in them. Beyond that, live chat transcripts are always available, so you can follow up with clients later on and have a good understanding of what they were looking for in the past and what they might be interested in now.

Less Weight on your Wallet

It is also good to bear in mind that live chat is a more affordable option in comparison to telephone support. In recent studies, live chat has been found to be about 17-30% percent less expensive. This has a lot to do with agents’ ability to multitask and take care of many clients at once.

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What is the Takeaway?

Overall, live chat is a powerful tool in all e-commerce spheres. Those working in senior living will find that it has the potential to benefit their sales and create a whole new world of possibilities. Cost-effective, convenient, and converting, live chat support is an innovative technology that is here to stay.

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