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Emotionally connect with seniors and adult children, generate conversation, set community tours, and enjoy the generation of a greater number of highly qualified leads…all with 24/7 live assistance provided by SiteStaff Chat for senior living communities.

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Live Chat Services for Senior Living

Building trust with new customers is a top priority for just about any business, but can truly help to drive sales when it comes to senior living communities. Your ability to begin establishing trust and building a relationship the moment a potential customer lands on your website is crucial. With SiteStaff Chat, you can help leads begin exploring their options and guide them through your sales funnel with compassion, whether they are looking for independent retirement apartments, assisted living, or memory care services.

SiteStaff Chat was created to function as an extension of your business, going above and beyond the concept of a third-party sales tool. We’ll enable you to connect with your customers directly, reaching them on an emotional level and generating qualified leads like never before. When you’re ready to learn more about how SiteStaff Chat can transform your sales funnel, simply click the link below.

Customer Service that
Goes Above and Beyond

In addition to finding information on pricing, floor plans, and amenities, clients who are beginning to research their potential senior living situations are sure to have questions that go beyond the basics. Your potential clients deserve a thoughtful and professional response, which is where our highly-educated live chat team comes in.

SiteStaff Chat will connect your potential leads with a living, US-based chat host who is not only well-versed in empathetic and compassionate sales techniques, but who will know your business from the ground up. By providing thoughtful answers, accurate information, and helpful advice in real-time, you can focus on generating highly qualified leads that will make your sales team’s lives markedly easier. When you’re looking for live chat assistance tailored to your senior living community, SiteStaff Chat is here to help.

Experience the
SiteStaff Chat Difference

Discover the selling power that comes along with a team of highly educated and extensively trained live chat hosts.

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Influence Key Sales Decisions
with Empathetic Live Chat Hosts

With an encouraging 42% of consumers opting for live chat services over other, less directly responsive communication channels like email or social media, our tool is an essential part of your senior living community’s online presence. In 2024 and beyond, your community’s homepage is your virtual front door, meaning your live chat host serves as the welcoming face that sits behind your front desk.

Your SiteStaff Chat host will be ready to engage with your prospects, making them feel welcomed and understood in equal measure. Leading research reminds us that although consumers don’t make big purchases through live chat services, their experience with live chat influences their opinion of your community and ultimately, where they decide to move.

Guide to Live Chat for Senior Living

This guide will walk you through each aspect of a successful live chat partnership:

Senior Living Clients Sales Cycle

Not all consumers have the time to extensively research retirement options or physically tour senior living communities. In fact, many of those searching for senior housing are reacting to a sudden change in their loved one’s health or living situation, and need a solution quickly.

Not only can a live chat host provide crucial answers during a stressful time, but they can also offer compassionate support, making them a vital first point of contact for your prospective customers, especially when urgency is involved.

Senior living clients are often in crisis mode, so they’ll appreciate the personal connection and will be grateful for the helpful suggestions that our industry-educated and sales-trained customer service hosts will provide.

Increased Sales

79% of companies report that live chat significantly increased sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Increased Conversions

38% of consumers report a higher likelihood of conversion from a company that offers live chat.

Live Chat Growth

Live chat has grown by 325% during the past 5 years.

Experience in
Live Chat Matters

Live Assistance

Not all live chat services are created equal. So-called “live” chat that uses AI software or offers inexperienced hosts can quickly derail a sales lead with incomplete or poorly-delivered information. SiteStaff Chat offers you real human beings who can guide your customers.

Customer Retention

Within 15 seconds, nearly nine out of 10 visitors will leave your site and never return if your live chat service isn’t answering their most important questions. Conversely, eight out of 10 prospects who speak with a SiteStaff Chat host wind up returning to the same site again.

Proactive Solutions

Proactively offering an invitation to chat allows for greater engagement and gives you the opportunity to begin building a trusting relationship with your clients. Our college-educated chat hosts will function as an extension of your very own team.

Information and Empathy

SiteStaff Chat goes well above and beyond your typical third-party integration. Our hosts are guaranteed to offer informed answers to important questions, giving your potential customers an informative and empathetic experience, every time.

Experienced Hosts

For your senior living community chat service, experience matters. The SiteStaff Chat team specializes in live chat for senior living communities by providing access to industry-trained chat hosts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Educated Professionals

Rather than relying on an inexperienced so-and-so to guide your customers through your sales funnel, SiteStaff Chat gives you the ability to rely upon a team of highly informed and thoroughly educated professionals at your disposal, for more sales and happier customers.

Live Chat Drives Senior Living Leads

What would you do if you knew you’d have more than 151 new qualified leads coming in each month? With SiteStaff Chat’s 24/7, industry-trained senior living chat hosts, we’re able to connect your business with over 1,050 contacts in seven months, per our case study below.

Such is the power of an empathetic, well-educated, virtual sales team who is consistently available on your website.

Our award-winning chat hosts are not just here to support your business; with your help, they’re here to transform lives. Creating an emotional connection on your senior living community website is key to growing leads. When conversations begin with trust, patients are that much more willing to proceed, and in most cases, a tour of your senior living community will follow. Just take a look below at the results we were able to achieve for our senior living client Belmont Village.

HIPAA Compliant Live Chat

Here at SiteStaff Chat, noncompliance with HIPAA guidelines is simply not an option. We take every possible measure to ensure that your client’s information is kept safe and secure:

  • A HIPAA Privacy Policy is in every chat and email we send.
  • We utilize secured servers, to protect any sensitive information shared within your live chat conversations.
  • All of our web forms are HIPAA compliant.
  • Each of our gifted Chat Hosts signs a waiver form.

Consistently Improving Our Service

We are devoted to improving our services in every way, and constantly ask our clients how we can do better. This includes learning more about how we can keep your information—and that of your clients and prospects—safe.

Progressive legislation makes it challenging and time-sensitive to consistently evolve. For example, if you’re still figuring your way through the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you’re in good company; and we can help.

Success Story

Live Chat for Senior Living

Jamie Donile, Community Liaison at Belmont Village, explains how SiteStaff Chat has increased move-ins and improved their sales funnel. See the data below.

“SiteStaff has a personality that can empathize with what the live chat person is going through. They’re very professional and caring and giving. It’s a very emotional purchase. SiteStaff is fabulous and if you have the opportunity to use them, you absolutely should.”

– Jamie Donile, Belmont Village

The SiteStaff Chat Guarantee | Positive ROI

We promise to generate more leads for your senior living community, while reducing client acquisition costs, all from your existing website traffic. In our experience, there is no substitute for the human element in an online landscape that has grown increasingly automated. A real, human connection is worth its weight in gold, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. By serving and building a genuine relationship with visitors to your website, we can educate them, make them feel important and understood, and help them feel comfortable as they take their next steps. In short? SiteStaff Chat guarantees a positive return on your investment.

More about Our Chat Hosts

SiteStaff Chat employs 100% college-educated, chat hosts based out of the United States, who are trained to provide flawless chat support that is specifically tailored to your industry.

Each of our chat hosts is industry-trained and will take the time to learn about and understand the hallmarks of your particular senior living community.

SiteStaff Chat works with you to understand and support the needs of both your business and your website visitor with empathy and professionalism.

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