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Why SiteStaff Chat?

Inform. Educate. Empathize.

Greet your website visitors with meaningful and empathetic conversations. When you partner with SiteStaff Chat, your visitors communicate with college-educated, American-based live chat hosts. Increase your funnel. Increase your profits.

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Increased Sales

79% of companies report that live chat significantly increased sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Increased Conversions

38% of consumers report a higher likelihood of conversion from a company that offers live chat.

Live Chat Growth

Live chat has grown by 325% during the past 5 years.

You may be
losing customers

No matter who your clientele may be, individuals expect immediacy from a business. After all: If you can’t provide the answers they want, someone else probably can. Live chat enables you to engage with potential customers and interested leads both immediately and directly, empowering you to answer questions and guide your customers down the sales funnel with an impressive level of agility.

Take the challenge

Live Chat:
the preferred way to connect

How SiteStaff Chat is
disrupting the status quo:

  • College-Educated Chat Hosts: Our chat hosts are well-spoken and will engage with your potential clients utilizing an easygoing, accessible level of intelligence.
  • American-Based Employees: English will always be a SiteStaff Chat host’s first language, so your potential clients can interact with clarity.
  • Industry-Trained Assistance: In addition to being well-spoken and engaging, our hosts will also have industry-specific knowledge, to further enhance your sales potential.

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