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Generate cases, close leads, and make the world a better place…with SiteStaff Chat. Our tool has been helping law firms improve the efficacy of their sales funnel for years. When you’re ready to bring your website to the next level, SiteStaff Chat is here to help.

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Live Chat for Law Firms

Information moves at an alarming rate in today’s digital world, and customers have adapted. It’s no longer sufficient to simply offer a nice-looking website with the latest widgets and cool doodads. These days, human connection makes all the difference in the world, building more reliable leads, creating longer-lasting relationships, and engendering a level of trust that simply can’t be beat. This is where SiteStaff Chat comes in.

Your potential legal clients deserve to feel understood and cared for…and you deserve to be trusted and revered in your field. By providing you with a team of college-educated, industry-trained live chat hosts, SiteStaff Chat can help bring those two ideals together, and significantly enhance your sales funnel in the process.

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Live Chat Allows for Quick Answers, Day or Night

When legal advice is needed, clients don’t want to wait for your firm’s schedule before they determine their next steps. Immediacy and privacy are of equal importance, and today’s consumer expects a discreet forum in which they can anonymously ask general questions and get authoritative answers.

SiteStaff Chat provides an unobtrusive and secure communication solution for your firm and its potential clients. Your firm, and the way it is represented online, are pivotal to your credibility and reputation. SiteStaff Chat is dedicated to representing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and customer service, giving every interaction the opportunity to earn your clients’ confidence.

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Increased Sales

79% of companies report that live chat significantly increased sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Increased Conversions

38% of consumers report a higher likelihood of conversion from a company that offers live chat.

Live Chat Growth

Live chat has grown by 325% during the past 5 years.

Legal Clients Expect Live Chat

SiteStaff Chat’s live chat isn’t just another website widget: It’s a must-have for any successful business. In fact, according to J.D. Power’s U.S. Chat and Email Benchmark Study, 42% of consumers prefer live chat over any other means of customer service, while only 23% preferred email as their contact method of choice. Only 16% liked getting their questions answered by connecting with businesses on social media.

Clients want to connect with your law firm in real-time, and live chat makes it easy and convenient for them to do so. Implementing live chat services on your website provides that instant connection and the experience today’s clients are anticipating when they visit your law firm’s website. SiteStaff Chat’s live chat service will take your law firm’s web leads and turn them into clients.

Increase Lead Conversions with Live Chat

Not all live chat services are created equal. Some law firms employ outdated chat software or outsource their live chat service to inexperienced chat providers – resulting in a consumer experience that is inadequate, frustrating clients, and losing leads.

SiteStaff Chat is different. We employ U.S.-based, industry-trained, college-educated chat hosts to provide an elevated experience – one that will leave your clients feeling confident in their choice of legal representation, and allow your firm to focus on what you do best. Imagine what you could accomplish with the help of a 24/7, college-educated, and industry-trained virtual sales team.

Live Chat that is HIPAA-Compliant and Secure

SiteStaff Chat is HIPAA-compliant and private. Leads are channeled through secure servers to your inbox. Chats and transcripts are stamped with legal disclaimers, so we protect the conversation and your liability.

Our expertly-trained chat hosts communicate with empathy and service-minded professionalism, while directly addressing only the information allowed by you, our legal client. Ready to learn more? Contact our team to learn about live chat for your law firm.

  • A HIPAA Privacy Policy is included in every chat and email we send.
  • Our secured servers protect any sensitive information shared within chat conversations.
  • All web forms are HIPAA Compliant.
  • Every chat host provides a waiver signature.

Below is an example of our live chat for law firms in action.

Employment Law Example

11-08-15 11:30:52 Visitor: Do you offer free consultations?
11-08-15 11:31:02 Chat Host: Hello! (10-second response time)
11-08-15 11:31:16 Chat Host: We do offer complimentary consultations!
11-08-15 11:31:28 Chat Host: With whom do I have the pleasure of chatting today?
11-08-15 11:31:44 Visitor: XXX XXXXXXXXX (name)
11-08-15 11:31:55 Chat Host: It is nice to meet you, XXX! (service-first greeting)
11-08-15 11:33:18 Visitor: I was terminated X/X/15 after severe harassment and I believe retaliation. I was offered a PIP but was never truly given the opportunity to complete it.
11-08-15 11:34:02 Chat Host: I understand. I am very sorry to hear that has happened to you. We focus our practice in employment law representing workers who have suffered an injustice at work, whether that injustice be discrimination, retaliation, harassment or not being paid the proper wages or overtime pay so I am confident we can help. (Chat host expresses empathy and establishes a comfortable rapport and emotional connection)
11-08-15 11:34:12 Chat Host: I’d be happy to help set up that consultation for you, XXX. (Call to action)
11-08-15 11:34:28 Chat Host: With that in mind, may I please have the best number in which we may reach you?
11-08-15 11:34:51 Visitor: Thank you. How do we proceed?


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    Chat with Our Team

    Addressing personal and emotional concerns while making visitors feel comfortable, educated, and willing to take the next step is our primary directive. Using our years of industry experience, we’ll work with your firm to quickly and easily create a knowledge base that our chat hosts can utilize to support your business. Implementation is quick and easy. Chat with us now or schedule a demo to learn more.

    The SiteStaff Chat Guarantee: A Boost to Your Bottom Line

    At SiteStaff Chat, we go above and beyond simply ensuring that your potential customers are cared for. We’re here to generate more leads for your law firm while simultaneously reducing client acquisition costs, all from your existing website traffic.

    In our experience, there is no substitute for the human element in an otherwise robotic process; especially when it comes to matters of the heart. By serving and building a genuine relationship with your website visitor, we can educate them, make them feel important and understood, and make them feel comfortable as they get ready to commit to the next step.

    More about Our Chat Hosts

    SiteStaff Chat employs 100% college-educated chat hosts based out of the United States, who are trained to provide flawless chat support for your industry. Each chat host is industry-trained, and also takes the time to know and understand the hallmarks of your particular law practice. SiteStaff Chat works with you to understand and support the needs of both your business and your website visitor with empathy and professionalism.

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