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Calculate what value using
SiteStaff Chat might bring you

This benefit calculator can be used to gauge potential additional revenue by partnering with SiteStaff Chat. Simply plug in your current numbers in the left column to see the potential revenue!

Current estimated digital marketing ROI Add SiteStaff Chat
What is your monthly unique visitor count? You can find this information from your Google Analytics page.
What is the average revenue that one new client would bring to your business? e.g. If you’re a plastic surgeon what is the average revenue that one new procedure brings to your practice?


Average conversion rate Industry standard conversion rate is between 2.5%-3%. Source: Aquate / Steelhouse. Conversion rate increases by using live chat services.


Converted opportunities Converted opportunities = Your monthly unique visitor count x Average conversion rate. 0 0
Of the opportunities, what percentage of those turn into tours/consultations?


After tours/consultations, what is your company’s closing percentage?


Converted topline revenue $0.00 $0.00

By partnering with SiteStaff Chat today, you could earn

$ 0 mo

in additional revenue

SiteStaff Chat also helps to reduce your
Client Acquisition Costs (CAC)

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