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When it comes to the aesthetics industry, patient privacy is imperative, and communication is paramount. SiteStaff Chat is a great way to guide your potential patients through their emotionally-sensitive decisions, so you can enjoy a higher amount of qualified leads.

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Live Chat Support
for Cosmetic Surgery Offices

In today’s competitive economy, a sleek website, 5-star reviews, and an experienced sales team aren’t always enough to guarantee success. Customers in 2024 expect excellent communication at every turn, with expert answers to their important cosmetic questions.

SiteStaff Chat transforms every interaction into an opportunity to earn customers’ confidence, giving you the power to make a lasting impression from their first visit to your website until their procedure is complete. Our highly-trained hosts are thoroughly educated and can hit each crucial touchpoint, giving every connection the chance to turn a prospect into a valued cosmetic surgery client.

Increased Sales

79% of companies report that live chat significantly increased sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Increased Conversions

38% of consumers report a higher likelihood of conversion from a company that offers live chat.

Live Chat Growth

Live chat has grown by 325% during the past 5 years.

The Facts Don’t Lie

Like most consumers, cosmetic surgery clients have questions regarding your services and they expect knowledgeable and detailed answers, delivered quickly and professionally. This is especially true in the aesthetics industry, as potential customers are weighing their options before making what sometimes amount to life-changing decisions.

As valuable as any lead-nurturing tactic, live chat service is essential to growing your cosmetic surgery business, reaching your customers at their emotional core, and helping them feel confident in you and your abilities. Discover how we’ve helped cosmetic surgery practices increase their leads by converting inquiries into appointments and consultations.

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Discover the selling power that comes along with a team of highly educated and extensively trained live chat hosts.

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Cosmetic Surgery Clients Want Questions Answered, Quickly!

No longer is an email or phone call the favorite way to connect with a business. Even social media channels offer clients an unpredictable customer service experience, all while creating a high-touch administrative workload for your office!

That’s where live chat customer service with SiteStaff Chat comes in.

Live chat isn’t just another website widget, it’s a must-have for any successful online business. In fact, according to J.D. Power’s U.S. Chat and Email Benchmark Study, 42% of consumers preferred live chat over any other means of customer service, while only 23% preferred email as their contact method of choice. Only 16% liked connecting to businesses on social media to get their questions answered. The numbers simply don’t lie!

Cosmetic Surgery Clients Expect Live Chat

Clients want to connect with your cosmetic surgery business in real-time, learning about you and your staff and why they should trust you with their cosmetic journeys. Similar to a text message conversation, live chat makes it easy for them to do so.

Implementing live chat services on your website provides that instant connection and the experience today’s clients are anticipating when they visit your site…but not all live chat services are created equal.

Some cosmetic surgery offices employ outdated chat software or have outsourced their live chat service to inexperienced providers. This only results in a slow and inadequate consumer experience that quite simply frustrates consumers and loses you leads.

SiteStaff Chat is a different story. We employ US-based, college-educated chat hosts that are industry-trained to provide an informative and empathetic interaction while focusing on gentle, non-aggressive sales tactics that guide your clients down the funnel.

SiteStaff Chat offers a unique experience that will leave your clients feeling confident in their choice of cosmetic surgery providers, and allow your office to focus on your strengths: helping your clients look and feel their best.

Live Chat Helps Increase Leads

At SiteStaff Chat, our shared goal is to increase qualified leads for your cosmetic surgery business and create a seamless customer service experience for your clients. Implementing live customer service chat on your website increases the influx of high-quality leads.

With SiteStaff Chat, you can rest assured that our experienced team is managing your live chat sales inquiries, so you and your staff can focus on providing your valued clients with the exceptional outcomes they deserve.

Live Chat Means More Appointments

What could your practice do with 36 new conversions, and nine booked appointments in a month? In our case study below, you can see the impact it had on one cosmetic surgery practice. SiteStaff’s industry-trained, college-educated chat hosts not only impact business, with your help, they transform lives. SiteStaff Chat provides a private, HIPAA-compliant, unobtrusive communication tool for your website with a team of empathetic chat hosts that allows your visitors to ask questions at their own pace, so they can feel comfortable and mentally prepared to speak with your practice. The end result is a confident, motivated lead who will be ready to move forward and book a consultation.

Is SiteStaff Chat HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, indeed! It’s safe to state that we fear non-compliance as much as you do, and we take all the measures we can to ensure that all information is kept safe and secure. These include:

  • A HIPAA Privacy Policy is included in every chat and email we send.
  • Our secured servers protect any sensitive information shared within chat conversations.
  • All web forms are HIPAA Compliant.
  • Every chat host provides a waiver signature.
I’ve been meaning to do this forever but wanted to finally (and formally) thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you’ve been providing us. Each time I receive a chat I am impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. Your team continues to exceed expectations and provide the highest level of customer care. We trust your team with each and every one of our patients and their questions. Thank you for being such an important piece of our patient experience! Kudos to the SiteStaff team!

– Lindsay Radcliffe, Practice Manager, Maryland Dermatology and Vein Institute

Rapaport Plastic Surgery Case Study

As part of a website redesign, Dr. Rapaport included SiteStaff Chat to create a powerful, lead-generating web presence.

The Plan of Action

Rapaport Plastic Surgery hired SiteStaff Chat to drive more personally connected conversions from their new site.

Of the many performance measures the practice has instituted, they attribute their rousing success to:

  • Weekly review meetings with SiteStaff Chat to sharpen qualifications, while also further separating and converting surgical and non-surgical leads
  • Generating an open-door philosophy for same-day, non-surgical procedures
  • The practice’s willingness to expand hours of operation (even on weekends) to accommodate visitor’s availability, with the help of SiteStaff’s 24/7 chat support
  • The practice’s strict sense-of-urgency lead response protocol
“Working with SiteStaff has been an absolute pleasure; they are extremely effective and professional in handling incoming leads to our website. We are so excited about the growth we’ve seen in our practice as a result of working with SiteStaff. We have weekly meetings with their team to review specific chats and the chat hosts are quick to adapt and make changes based on our recommendations.”

– Ashley Davenport, Rapaport Plastic Surgery

See for yourself! Adding live chat to your cosmetic surgery practice’s website will generate more leads and consultations.

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Top 5 HIPAA Compliance Pitfalls

on Cosmetic Surgery Websites and How to Fix Them

An estimated $5M was paid in penalties within the last year due to HIPAA non-compliance. Join Compliancy Group and SiteStaff Chat for an informative webinar that will teach you about crucial compliance risks and the common HIPAA compliance mistakes made on medical websites. Learn the quick and easy steps necessary to repair those issues and keep your elective medicine practice in compliance with HIPAA online.

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The SiteStaff Guarantee | Positive ROI

Our commitment lies in generating more leads for your cosmetic and elective medicine practice, while simultaneously reducing client acquisition costs…all from your existing website traffic.

In our experience, there is no substitute for the human element in an otherwise robotic process, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. By serving and building a genuine relationship with your website visitor, we can educate them, make them feel important and understood, and make them feel comfortable taking the next step. In doing so, we can guarantee a positive return on your investment…meaning SiteStaff Chat essentially pays for itself!

Learn More About Our Chat Hosts

SiteStaff Chat always employs 100% college-educated, chat hosts based out of the United States, who are trained to provide flawless chat support for your industry. Each chat host is industry-trained and will take the time to know and understand the hallmarks of your particular cosmetic surgery practice. We’ll work closely with you to understand and support the needs of both your business and your website visitors with empathy and professionalism.

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