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SiteStaff Chat: Turning interested leads into your loyal and engaged clientele.

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US-Based Chat Hosts

When your potential clients are looking for answers, you simply can’t afford to keep them waiting. After all, informed leads eventually turn into loyal customers when they’re given the right guidance. SiteStaff Chat offers you a team of chat hosts based here in the United States, who will engage with your potential clients clearly, effectively, and informatively.

24/7 Live Human Chat

Anybody who’s been online in the last few years can tell you that it’s easy to tell when you’re not chatting with a real human being. SiteStaff Chat lets you say goodbye to bots, and gives you the ability to arm your business with a team of living human beings, available 24/7 to answer questions as soon as they’re posed.

Educated in
your industry

Customer service is one thing. Availability is another. At SiteStaff Chat, we combine these two elements with specialized industry training, giving us the power to offer you a team of live chat hosts that go above and beyond the call of duty. Your potential customers will be cared for by a team of industry experts, and your conversions will grow accordingly.

"A website visitor holds the same value as the person who walks into a physical location"

Bill Jennings, Owner/CEO

Not your average
live chat service.

Chatting with a live host should not only be helpful and informative—it should be engaging, as well. At SiteStaff Chat, our college-educated hosts are industry-trained, going above and beyond simply being helpful. We’ll work to create positive associations between your brand and your potential customers, building brand equity and boosting your bottom line in new and exciting ways.

  • Live humans

  • Who are always available

  • And know your business

Further food for thought.

The internet is a place of immediacy. There’s simply no time for delay, no place for bad information, and no patience when it comes to chat hosts who can’t answer the important questions.

SiteStaff Chat offers you a team of extensively trained and highly educated hosts who are poised and ready to answer your clients’ questions and guide them down the sales funnel in the most informative of ways.

HIPAA Compliant
Tracking &

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