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SiteStaff Chat sets itself apart by offering a team of individuals who are directly committed to your company’s success. We accomplish that by ensuring that each SiteStaff Chat host is industry-trained, and equipped with both general sales knowledge and the information needed to help guide your customers to the answers they need.

Senior Living

Our industry-trained live chat hosts will help guide your potential senior living customers through an important and emotionally-sensitive decision process.

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Set your practice apart with a team of college-educated, live chat hosts who can assist your potential patients with understanding and empathy.

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Knowledgeable customer service makes all the difference in the world, which is why SiteStaff Chat offers you a team of industry-educated experts who will guide your customers through the sales funnel.

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Enjoy increased customer satisfaction and the boost in your overall ROI that comes along with it, thanks to a team of highly-educated and industry-trained live chat hosts.

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Home Care

Build trust with new customers and truly help drive sales when it comes to Home Care providers.

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