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SiteStaff Chat is a proactive live chat service provider for elite businesses offering the most personalized services, with highly-skilled, expertly trained, college-educated American chat hosts.

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SiteStaff Chat understands that every instance in which your potential customer can’t find the answers they need or the information they’re looking for is a missed opportunity. Good marketing and a gorgeous website are necessary, but nothing guides a potential customer down the sales funnel as effectively as a living human being.

SiteStaff Chat

Engaging Visitors. Creating Customers.

At SiteStaff Chat, our team is comprised of college-educated, English-speaking professionals, all located here in the United States and each possessing industry-specific training that they’re ready to put to use for you and your business. Answer questions, make connections, and most importantly—build relationships.

All thanks to the talented team at SiteStaff Chat, working for you to boost your bottom line.

US-Based Chat Hosts

Our college-educated, American Chat Hosts are recruited, hired, and trained to do one thing: provide flawless chat for your business. We believe chat is an art form, and your website is our canvas.

Your business is unique, and your future customers want to know why. We go to great lengths to learn what makes you different so we can answer personal questions, paint a mental picture, and build an emotional connection with your visitors. This is a proven way to generate the highest quality, most qualified leads.

Are you interested in a career with SiteStaff? Click here to learn more about joining our team.

Julia Opella - SiteStaff Chat Host

Kelley Bryson - SiteStaff Chat Host

Focused on Your Needs

There is a reason we’ve shown growth for our ninth consecutive year, with a client retention rate that approaches 97%. The answer is simple: We focus on increasing our client’s monthly top-line revenue, above all else. We’re passionate about what we do and it’s all we do. Our attention is targeted at our client’s need for new client acquisition. We are hands down the best at converting website traffic into paying customers.

More About SiteStaff Chat

We took 30-years of business experience and created a company based on what we learned. The company was founded in 2011 by Bill Jennings. His goal was to create a company where anyone that became associated with it won. He brought with him all of the good and subtracted all of the questionable. Nine years later, the company has shaped into a business of best practices with a stellar value proposition. Because we put such a high level of importance on excellence, SiteStaff Chat guarantees positive results.

Leadership Team

Bill Jennings

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Korb

Chief Operations Officer

Wendi Jennings

Chief Financial Officer

Gaurav Basra

Chief Technology Officer

Sales Team

Jennifer Ptacek

National Sales Representative

Marc Cherabie

National Sales Representative

Lindsi Jennings

Executive Sales Representative

Client Success Team

Kelley Bryson

Client Success Associate

Julia Opella

Quality Control Specialist

Live Chat Operations

Jennifer Manmano

Director – Chat Host Operations

Melissa Pietkiewicz

Client Services Manager

Marketing & Public Relations

Marisa Huston

Marketing & Public Relations

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