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5 EASY updates to INSTANTLY get more leads from your website

By September 12, 2015No Comments

15 MINUTES means five easy updates to get more leads from your website

Most business owners are shocked to learn that only 3 or 4% of their website visitors will ever contact them.


That’s right.  The thousands you spend to stay on the first page of Google is so 4 out of 100 people might come calling.  Out of those few, how many will you choose?  To keep paying for those ad words, I hope it’s at least a couple.

What if there were a way to increase your conversion rate without breaking the bank?

Good news.  In just 15 minutes, you can install and engage these quick tools to get more of your visitors to take action.  Then you can retain your marketing budget, pay off the boat, and take your employees to Jamaica.

1.  Add video

Think you’ve got a face for radio?  Thankfully, your public disagrees.  A thirty-second clip of your mug in scrubs (if you happen to be in the medical field) will keep visitors on your site, entertained, and educated.  We recommend keeping it simple – use a high- resolution camera or smartphone.  Sure, the production company provides higher quality film and editing, but it’ll take weeks’ worth of time and last month’s profits to pay for it.  Literally, five minutes is all you need for a couple of takes and a finished product, and an editing tool like Animoto is really affordable. A business plan costs less than $50 a month.

2.  Add video testimonials

Seeing is believing.  If you haven’t done it yet, take your next three clients and ask them for a quick word of praise on camera.  According to Social Media Today, over 90% of consumers reported that video was a factor in their purchasing decision.  Let your satisfied customers sing your praises…if you film it, they will watch.

3.  Teach their fingers to do the talking

People aren’t calling, right?  Maybe they would if they could find your phone number.  Light Buuuuulb.  Want some good news?  It’s not just you.  60% of business owners don’t even HAVE their phone number on their home page.  Put yours in the place visitors look at first, and most often the top right-hand corner.

4.  Make it easy to ask for more information

66% of websites don’t include a CONTACT US form.  Our next post will show you how to beat the pants off the 34% that do, but for now, use a straightforward plug-in to add this form. It might be a smart idea to add your e-mail address, too, in case your visitor feels it’s more personal.

5.  Add live chat

It’s human instinct that humans want to interact with other humans.  Can you think of anything (the airline industry excepted) more impersonal than a website?  If you think even for a second that your prospect’s buying decision is emotional, you’re missing a big opportunity.  You get 8-10 seconds to make a first impression online.  98% of your unique (new) website visitors will never return, so it’s CRUCIAL you make a connection, and quickly.  We’re not insisting you subscribe to SiteStaff…you could conceivably staff it yourself for about a buck a day.  And it can be effective if you have someone who can dedicate their efforts, stick to the computer screen and you can effectively educate and train them.  We can show you how.

Seriously, you can accomplish these five tasks in 15 minutes.  Your conversion rate could triple as a result, and that could mean tens of thousands each month to your business, not to mention the competitive advantage.  So get to work…and tell us how it goes!


Jonathan, National Director and Head Conversion Janitor

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