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How Trustworthy is Your Website?

By November 1, 2016December 13th, 2023No Comments

When a visitor heads to a business website, they generally go because they’re either researching that company’s services or, they’re already preparing to purchase something.  Either way, once they’re there, the company itself wants those visitors to feel good about being there. Think about it: How would you feel about walking into a brick and mortar store that made you feel uncomfortable?  You likely wouldn’t stay very long, would you?

That’s why you want your own website to look and feel as trustworthy as possible.  That way, when a visitor clicks your links, they want to stay.  They want to go through each page and learn everything they can about you.  Make them want to purchase your services! Look at these two web pages side by side:

How Trustworthy is Your Website?Of the two, which are you more likely to stay on longer than a few minutes?  Let’s be honest here: We’re all probably going to say the one on the right. Why is that?  Well, for one, there is so much activity there on the left that it’s just too difficult to differentiate the information.  It’s all kind of a blur, isn’t it? Also, the numerous color choices are just an eyesore.  The page on the right has chosen a color scheme, and they’ve stuck with it throughout the page.  Their calls to action are prominent, and look! You can see their BBB membership right there.  The left page’s use of dozens and dozens of thumbnail photos and links to click is just too much. A strong design makes a huge difference.

Now, your page is very likely not like the page on the left.  Most people either hire a website designer or at least have enough of an idea of what a nice page looks like to achieve that vision.  That being said, you can still ensure you’re showing your trustworthiness, even once you’ve achieved the great website! Take a look at what Amazon has done here:

AmazonThey have their standard sign-in button there on the top right, but at the bottom left, you can see another sign-in button that says, “Sign in Securely.”  Since Amazon deals with millions of customers’ personal information, this is a great way to show that they’re focused on keeping that information safe. This method could also be used for signup sheets, consultation forms, and information requests, too.

One of the best ways to show you’re trustworthy is simply to show who you are. We’ve all seen the “About Us” pages on sites.  That’s not what I’m talking about, though it certainly helps.  What I mean is something different, something that shows you as a person or company.  Pictures of the offices, staff, and higher-ups are great.  Biographies for staff members are, too! If you’re a medical office, don’t just tell us about the doctor, tell us about everyone else as well.  Show us just how great your office is as a whole. If you’re a senior living community, show us the grounds and the activities, not just the reception hall.  Show us life in your community.  It really does make a difference.

Oh! And one last thing: If you’re utilizing live chat and you deal with confidential information, please make sure your service is up to date on HIPAA regulations.  That’s another great way to show trustworthiness.  Check us out to see what I mean! SiteStaff is up to date on HIPAA regulations, so if we chatted for you, we would keep your visitors’ information safe.

Thanks for reading!

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