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AI System Outperforms Experts in Spotting Breast Cancer

By January 7, 2020No Comments

This is exciting!

An artificial intelligence program has been developed by Google Health, which is better at spotting breast cancer in mammograms than expert radiologists. About one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Screening programs catch more than 18,000 cases each year in England alone. However, tumors are still missed, giving false-negative results, and some women are wrongly suspected of having cancer, in false positives that lead to unnecessary anxiety and invasive biopsies.

In the US, women who go for breast cancer screening tend to be seen every one or two years, and their mammograms are examined by a single radiologist. When compared with the US system, the AI produced 5.7% fewer false positives and 9.4% fewer false negatives.

Here’s a question…

Does this mean an artificial intelligence program will replace radiologists? I think not. Where I do believe artificial intelligence will assist in detection and accuracy, I also believe a meaningful conversation will still need to be had between doctor and patient. “radiologists often communicate directly with their patients before, during, and after examinations. These procedures typically include face-to-face contact, which strengthens the physician-patient relationship” ~

A win-win….

I believe we are learning that artificial intelligence is needed, being more widely used, and becoming increasingly more effective. But we are also learning. Nothing can replace the need for an emotional connection, human interaction, meaningful conversation, and empathy.

The future looks bright!


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