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Help me. Help you!

By July 22, 2017No Comments

Question: You have a business?

Answer: Yes                                                                                               

Question: Turning a profit is essential?

Answer: Yes                                                                               

Question: Return on investment is important?                    

Answer: Yes

Question: You paid money for a website?

Answer: Yes                                                                              

Question: You paid money to have consumers visit your website?


Question: You paid money to increase the number of visitors to your website? 

 Answer: Yes

Question: You have many more consumers visiting your company website as compared to your company’s physical address?                                      


Question: You have a receptionist or salesperson meeting and greeting your potential customers at your physical address?                                                   


Question: Are your online visitors as vital to you as your office visitors?


Question: Do you have an online presence meeting and greeting your online visitors?  


Question: Have you checked out SiteStaff?

Answer: No                                                                               

Question: Would you like SiteStaff to meet, greet, qualify, collect contact information, and introduce them to your Sales team?

Answer: I need to think about it                                                                                                               

QuestionShould we go back to question number one?


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